Brick + Boarda Humanim Social Enterprise

About Us

The bones of old buildings are steeped in history, and we’re in the business of salvaging these bones, making sure that the bricks and boards of the past are preserved for the future. Whether you’re an architect looking to outfit a commercial space, a preservationist looking to match a particular brick, or a hobbyist looking to make a side table, we here at Brick + Board take pride in knowing our materials, their stories, and how they can best be used in your project.


Salvage is what we do, but we’re about more than just amassing dusty old stacks of lumber. We’re about hiring and training the next generation of sawyers, salvage experts, and craftspeople. We’re about bringing skilled jobs back into the heart of Baltimore. And we’re about making sure that the fruits of the salvage industry – the materials it provides and the jobs it creates – are available to all.


Max Pollock


Born and raised in Takoma Park, MD, Max will swear to you that he has bricks in his blood. It’s not a total fable: his mother’s last name, Kirpich, means brick in Russian. Max is a shameless nerd about vintage building materials and techniques, and he thanks his lucky stars that there’s a job for that. When he’s not salvaging bricks at work, he’s salvaging them for his personal collection, which currently occupies most of his house. And most of his parents’ house. Email Max!

Robert Rinker

Operations Manager

Rob hails from central Wisconsin, and his love of hunting, fishing, beer, and country music (mostly songs about about hunting, fishing, and beer) attests to this. Rob is passionate about finding value in materials that would have otherwise been discarded, and we’re lucky that he’s chosen to harness this passion at the helm of our operation. Rob is both an aspiring winemaker and an apprentice baker, and we’re keen on someday enjoying the fruits of these hobbies. Email Rob!


Kevin King

Warehouse Foreman

Kevin was born in Virginia but grew up in West Baltimore. We’d like to say Kev is our Swiss Army Knife, but he’s more like an army of Swiss Army Knives; every last shred of material that comes into our warehouse has Kev’s hands and eyes on it. Kev enjoys reading and watching movies, and says he’s “just okay” at playing pool, which means he’s a pool shark. He’s also a budding wood grain connoisseur.

We're Part of the Humanim Family

Brick + Board is a social enterprise of Humanim, a 501 (c)(3) based in Baltimore, MD. Along with our sister outfit Details Deconstruction, we’re committed to harnessing the deconstruction and salvage industries towards creating jobs for folks with barriers to employment.

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Our Story

We care deeply about the materials we harvest and the stories they tell, but we’re equally as passionate about harnessing the salvage industry towards meaningful social impact. This means creating skilled, living-wage, green-collar jobs for Baltimoreans with barriers to employment. It means making sure that every last shard of vintage building material ends up in our shop, and not in a landfill. And it means training a new generation of sawyers, salvage experts, and craftspeople, right here in Baltimore.