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Reclaimed White Pine

The Northeast was once home to massive stands of virgin white pine, and while the tree is still a prominent species in the region, less than one percent of old-growth white pine remains. Luckily, this beautiful material can still be found in 19th century barns, industrial buildings, and attics. Unlike commercially available white pine, our salvaged material features light pink and cream tones, along with knots, occasional bug tracks, and nail holes that attest to this material’s past.


Thickness: Available in thicknesses from 5/8 to 1″

Widths: Available in uniform or variable widths from 3 – 10″

Lengths: Random lengths from 3 – 12′

Profile: Square edge or T&G

Character: Worm holes, nail holes, varied grain, light pink and cream tones

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Reclaimed White Pine

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