Brick + Board

Compton Bassett

Compton Bassett is a historic house in Prince George’s County that is one of the area’s prime examples of Georgian architecture. On the grounds of the estate is a chapel that is believed to date from 1779. During the last century, the chapel had fallen into disrepair; the roof had become compromised, and the rear wall of the building failed completely, spewing bricks across the grounds. During restoration, it was important to source bricks that matched the 200+ year old originals to preserve the charm and character of the structure; that’s where we came in. Brick + Board provided 10,000 common bricks that were used to replace spalled and cracked bricks and rebuild entire walls. We also sourced hundreds of square feet of lath for interior wall repairs. The combination of period-accurate materials and top-notch craftsmanship makes for a beautiful and historically accurate restoration.


Products Used:

Reclaimed Common Brick

Reclaimed Lath