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Rough Sawn Pine Blanks

When the flooring we salvage is too banged up to be used as flooring again, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a use for it. We mill the rough material, creating blanks that can be used for accent walls, parquet floors, countertops, or custom trim. The surface is up to you: we can leave it rough, plane it down, or quick-hit sand it.


Thickness: 3/4″

Widths: Available in uniform or variable widths from 2 to 4″

Lengths: 2 – 8′

Profile: Square edge

Character: Rough sawn surface, nail holes, kerf marks


Projects Featuring This Material:

Open Works

United By Blue

Harkins Builders


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Rough Sawn Pine Blanks

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Open Works, a renowned Baltimore-based maker space, used our blanks to clad their lobby and offices. (Photo by Karl Connolly)